FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kind of information or documentation is required to be a client at the Pella Community Food Shelf?

We ask that all registered clients of the Shelf be a resident in the Pella community school district. On the first visit, we ask for information such as address, birth dates, income and names of all in the household.

What if I can't get to the Shelf on a Tuesday during your distribution times?

Please call our phone (641)780-1779 and a team member will contact you to discuss other arrangements.

I would like my children to serve. Is there a way they can do that?

It is very important to teach service! We have several ways families can serve together. Run a food drive! Run a food drive with the children in cooperation with their school, church or friends. This has worked well for others and kids have had a good time being creative with this idea. Your family may join our restocking list. We are often in need of those who are willing to help stock, clean or move around food.

I have never been here before. What should I bring?

Please refer to the new guest tab on the left.

I am not from the Pella Community school district. Can I still visit?

Please stop in and visit us. We would love to meet with you and help refer you to an agency in your area. Depending on your home location, we may be able to assist you at our Shelf. Please see a support person to get started!